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Since I'm an active senior who needed to be able to drive quickly after surgery, Dr. Estrera assured me I would be driving within two weeks following my knee replacement. Of course it was conditional on whether I did my PT regularly, but I was, in fact, able to drive within two weeks of my first knee replacement. He also recommended that I could have my second knee replacement eight weeks after the first, which I did. I highly recommend Dr. Kenneth Estrera and his team of professionals. They are detailed in their communications, prompt to respond to phone calls, and Dr. Estrera even gave me his personal mobile phone number and answered my calls and texts promptly. He uses Medical City Frisco hospital and I greatly appreciated a private room with excellent nursing care, not to mention the delicious gourmet food they serve.

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Carole C., Google

Who would think total hip replacement would be such an enjoyable experience. I found Dr. Estrera through my Insurance, he stood out with all 5 star reviews so I contacted his office for an appointment, and they were able to get me in quickly. I was so impressed with Dr. Estrera's kind demeanor and knowledge. What doctor gives you his cell number after the first appointment? He did! His office staff was equally as kind and professional.
My surgery went very smooth, Medical City Frisco was such a clean, well run facility with great staff. Not only did Dr. Estrera stop by after my surgery he called my cell multiple times to check in with me, even after I went home. While in the hospital I called him to ask him something and he picked up on the second ring. What doctor does that...?
Their Physical Therapy group are all so helpful and nice as well. My surgery was 6 weeks ago and my incision is almost undetectable and I am pain-free for the first time in over a year. Thank you Dr. Estrera and your awesome team!!

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Christina G., Google

I was referred to Dr. Estrera by another one of my physicians who suggested I get a second opinion. I was so impressed, I scheduled my total knee replacement right away, and truth be told, I went to this appointment with no intentions of doing the TKR.

Dr. Estrera and his staff go over and above what is considered the standard of care. I felt that the medical plan was tailored to me vs. me having to adjust to a general plan of care. Dr. Estrera is kind, caring and very thorough. He personally called me everyday for 5 days after my surgery to make sure things were going as planned.

In addition to Dr. Estrera, I am equally impressed and pleased with his PT team. Josh and Steven push me to achieve the best outcome possible while making the time spent at PT enjoyable. They are very encouraging!

I am 8 weeks post-op and have no regrets! I highly recommend Dr. Estrera and his team at TMI Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery in Frisco.

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Marylee J., Google

Dr. Estrera is a talented professional who demonstrates that he cares how his patients view his services. He has encouraged me to call him whenever I had a question or problem and given me his personal contact information. I trust him with my care. Thank you Dr. E.

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Walter D., Google

I was referred to Dr. Estrera by another specialist after reviewing my MRI results. I was barely mobile and in a great deal of pain at that point. I met with Dr. Estrera to review my options, and surgery was the right choice for me and my condition. Dr. Estrera performed two hip replacement surgeries (the second hip replacement occurred after I recovered from the first surgery). He sincerely brought me back to life. Though I was nervous about the surgery, Dr. Estrera and team ensured all my questions, concerns, etc. were addressed. Dr. Estrera checked up on me before and after my surgeries in person, as well as via phone for a few days after I was discharged from the hospital. He really cares about his patients, their recovery and wellbeing. I cannot say enough great things about my entire experience in a less than ideal situation. I am now back to doing all the things I use to do, including riding my Peloton and going for long walks/hikes.

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Lori T., Google

Dr. Estrera is an excellent surgeon. I had a complicated knee revision and he was always concerned, willing to help and answer all my questions. I am able to walk without the use of a cane or walker for the first time in many years. I highly recommend Dr. Estrera and his staff.

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Linda V., Google

I didn't want to have knee replacement surgery (who does, right?) but Dr. Estrera and his team made what could be a very traumatic experience less so.

From the first appointment, through the actual surgery, to the end of physical therapy was a great experience every step of the way. Dr. Estrera was always available for questions and concerns and the staff was helpful.

The physical therapy group which is so key to a successful recovery, were always enthusiastic, knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive on days when I felt good and on bad days.

I hope never to have surgery again, but if it becomes necessary, there is no question as to who I will turn to for it.

Thanks everyone at TMI Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery!

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Dina P., Google

Dr. Estrera and the staff at TMI have been nothing short of amazing!! Dr Estrera is extremely knowledgeable and I could tell right away that I had complete confidence in his ability to take care of me. I needed a hip replacement at 38 years old and on my very first visit he gave me his card and wrote his cell phone number on the back and told me to call him anytime I needed anything. That immediately showed me that he cared for his patients and he truly wants to help you get better. I had my hip replacement 6 months ago and I’ve never felt better!!! I wish I had done it sooner!!! I would recommend Dr Estrera and the therapy team at TMI to everyone I know!!!

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Cassi R., Google

Where do I start? From day one Dr Estrera and his entire team made me feel like my health needs were their highest priority. This culture was present from my very first meeting until I was discharged from the hospital (Frisco Medical Center was amazing also) and continued in my followup meeting. Being an out of town patient obviously added to the challenges but did not diminish the quality of care I received. At two weeks I operated a bulldozer for a couple of hours (you have to steer it with your legs and feet...Doc kinda chastized me a bit for that move...:-) at a month I climbed stairs to the third floor of a building, Pain was always managed well. I would give 15 stars to Doc and staff were it an option!!!

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Frank B., Google

Dr. Estrera was friendly, informative and very professional during my first visit. He explained my problem and options for care thoroughly and completely. He provided extensive information about the surgery and instructions on how to prepare.

Surgery went well and I was discharged from the hospital as planned the day after surgery. After surgery, Dr. Estrera called me at home every night to check on me and help me to adjust my medications. The physical therapists he recommended have been excellent. My recovery has gone very well. I have been following the rehab plan provided and have progressed very well. Two weeks after surgery I am walking well and continuing my exercises.

At the follow up visit, Dr. Estrera was very informative and answered all my questions. To date, my surgical experience could not have been better.

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Richard W., Google

I'm 67 years old and had a TKR a little over a year ago. I am so pleased with the outcome. Snow skied this winter (2022), hit the slopes pretty hard, and felt better than I had in 15 years. If I end up needing to replace my other knee will definitely go back to Dr. Estrera.

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Claude H., Google

Dr. Estrera has excellent clinical and surgical skills. He listens, answers questions directly, and is genuinely interested in your recovery. Would not hesitate to return to him if joint replacement surgery is needed in the future.

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Stewart H., Google

TMI Sports Med, meeting Dr. Kenneth Estrera, and staff has changed my life for the better. He is one of the most understanding Dr.'s I've ever meet, and he's very concerned on how your doing and how your being treated. So I highly recommend him to anyone, he makes sure all your questions and concerns are answered as well as meet. And that all so goes for his team, the guys in the physical therapy part also does great job with all type of injuries and they are kind and considerate. Also my ladies at the front desk they are #1 in my book as well.

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Latricia T., Google

Dr. Estrera is the absolute best orthopedic surgeon. He is caring and showed genuine concern for my situation. He shared his cell phone number with me on our first visit in case I ever had questions I could contact him directly. He worked with my work schedule and helped me to get both of my knees replaced in one summer (I am a teacher), but did it with my overall safety and well being in mind. He called every day for at least a week after my surgeries to follow up and upon hearing me after the second surgery he could tell I wasn't doing as well and he personally found a pharmacy that would get me a prescription to help and called it in immediately. His nurse, Laurie, was a true help as she scheduled EVERYTHING for me and was always easy to get in touch with when I needed something.

Dr. Estrera has positively changed my life so that I can continue to be an active parent of two preschool aged children. He helped me evaluate the cost/benefit of doing knee replacement at my age and I believe he will continue to walk with me on this journey for the remainder of my life.

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Candice M., Google

Dr Estrera is awesome! Very knowledgeable but down-to-earth and easy to interact with. Performed a thorough physical exam and discussed the findings with me. In no way did he rush me during the appointment and he was happy to answer any and all questions I had regarding my knee. He laid out all of the treatment options, discussed the pros and cons of each option, and ultimately left the decision up to me. I can tell he is an open-minded clinician who appreciates that every patient has their own unique situation that has to be considered when deciding on a treatment plan. I can also tell he believes in empowering his patients to make their own healthcare decisions rather than forcing them into one treatment plan or another. I have seen many orthopedic surgeons over the years and he is by far one of the best I've worked with. Fortunately I don't need a knee replacement at this time but I still strongly recommend that any patient, old or young, who thinks they may benefit from joint replacement or reconstruction visit Dr Estrera––it will definitely be worth your time.

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David B., Google

At 8 weeks post op, I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Estrera. He is by far the most compassionate and caring doctor I’ve ever met. After dealing with knee problems for almost 2 years, he immediately put me at ease and comfortable enough to have my knee replaced. He always takes his time with me and answers all of my questions. He followed up with me after my surgery numerous times, phoning me at home as well as by email, even sharing his cell number with me on my first visit. I’ve never felt alone in this whole process. The staff is also great. From the friendly front desk ladies who greet you with a smile to PT who work closely with you and Dr. Estrera to get you back to living your life pain free. I’ve already referred a family member to Dr. Estrera and will continue to recommend him.

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Elizabeth A., Google

Dr Estrera is THE BEST DOCTOR!!! He is extremely caring, knowledgeable, professional, thoughtful, available, helpful, nice, kind, understanding, friendly. He’s OUTSTANDING in every way. Dr Estrera makes sure that you know and understand the entire process. He did total knee replacement surgery on each knee. The entire process was perfect in every way both times. He also has an outstanding staff.

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Beth D., Google

I recommend Dr. Estrera to everyone I meet--in fact, I carry a handful of his business cards to hand out. Even though I had to drive from Oklahoma City to Dallas for the minimally invasive full knee replacement, it was worth every mile! He has the best bedside manner of any doctor I've ever met, and his entire team is superb! They are responsive, available for me, and recovery was so much faster than the old style full knee replacement. Dr. Estrera is far and above the best doctor I've ever encountered!

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Billye P., Google

Life Changer!!! I had a severe varus deformity which caused a tremendous amount of daily pain. Dr. Estrera has exponentially improved my quality of life and I thank him for his attentiveness. Joint was severely deteriorated due to a previous ACL (see before and after pics) and I am now pain free (a little taller as well)!! Dr. Estrera and his team are the best at what they do. Thank you Thank you!!!

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Todd J., Google

Dr. Estrera is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. As an RN new to this area in the past few years, I did a lot of research before selecting a surgeon for a total knee replacement. I am so happy to have found Dr Estrera.

He takes the time to explain and answer questions. His kind and caring demeanor is exceptional.

I could not have had a better experience!

I highly recommend Dr Estrera and his team of professionals to include the hospital staff and TMI physical therapy.

Currently, I am 8 weeks post op, walking unassisted and pain free.

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Mary S., Google

I'm using my wifes acct. to post my review. I had my knee replaced by Dr. Estrera 8 weeks ago. I followed their rehab schedule and have healed very well. I'm back on the tennis court and taking it slowly. I've recommended him to a friend and he had his knee replaced and is healing nicely as well. I researched and visited other orthos as well. He had the qualifications I was looking for. Very knowledgeable and personable. You'll be happy with the results.

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JoAnn M., Google

While I'm only in my mid-50's, I've unfortunately had a 5 different orthopedic surgeries over the last 10 years (both ankles, herniated disk, rotator cuff) so I feel as if I have a broad perspective on surgeons and surgeries. Dr. Estrera is hands down the best surgeon I've ever had. His minimally invasive knee surgery technique was exactly as promised, but more than that is his pre and post-operation care. He provides all his patients his cell phone, and is diligent in following up on any issues you might have. Prior to the surgery he spent a significant amount of time discussing the need for the surgery, then post-surgery has helped me set goals as I progress through physical therapy. He's got an easy conversational style and I am truly thankful he's the surgeon I trusted for this knee replacement. If there was 6 stars I would give him that rating!

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Bruce G., Google

Great work, communication and follow-up by Dr Estrera!

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Mike H., Google

WOW!!! First of all, Dr. Estrera is an amazing doctor. Awesome, thorough training and education. Second, he's an amazing surgeon. He performed my 4th (revision) knee surgery and I feel amazing so far. His confidence and skill have me convinced I'm going to be in good shape for a while and if there is a problem, no question I'll be returning to him. Lastly, he is the most personable doctor/surgeon I've ever met. He calls personally to make sure you are fully informed prior to surgery and post surgery calls regularly to make sure everything is okay. He and his surgical staff interact on a personal level and even sent a get well card signed by each of them! THANK YOU!!

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Tammy K., Google

Dr. Estrera is an amazing surgeon!!! I had a full knee replacement in Sept, 2018 at age 70, felt great in December and was able to start traveling, walking through airports and going back to work in January. He is an expert at what he does and his followup surpasses anything I have ever experienced with any doctor. He and his team really care about each patient. His physical therapy facility is right there next to his office, so he can just walk over and check on you during your sessions. I am not an easy patient, so I must say he has the patience of a saint! If you make an appointment for a consultation with him, you will immediately notice how knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and down to earth he is. I can never thank him enough for how active I am able to be now!

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Sharon T., Google

I came to know Dr. Estrera through another one of his patients, and all the praise she gave him. I found out for myself that she was not only correct in her assessment of him, but could not have possibly conveyed the extent to which he and his staff strive to offer the best orthopedic surgery experience to all their patients. My story involved a previous total knee replacement that had failed due to manufacturing problems with the brand of implant I had received. Dr Estrera was willing to do all he could to diagnose the problem, and ultimately decided I needed a total knee Revision. Since the surgery involved removing the previous implant in order to place the new knee, he explained that it would be more painful and require more extensive rehabilitation. I expected all those problems, and was so overjoyed to awaken from the surgery feeling no worse than I did with the initial knee replacement done only 2 & 1/2 years prior. Dr Estrera is an awesome surgeon, and so talented and knowledgeable, that his patients do amazingly well. My surgery is now 3 weeks behind me, and my physical therapist have all been astonished at the rate I am recovering. Above all his medical/surgical prowess, Dr Estrera is a humble and compassionate doctor who truly listens to his patient’s needs and concerns and acts to accomplish their goals together. I was in the healthcare industry 39 years before retiring, and can count the physicians on one hand that demonstrated the level of Dr Estrera’s expertise, and empathetic compassion for his patients. He is a jewel in the crown of the exemplary medical staff available to the greater Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex! My home is 55 miles away from his office in Frisco, and even this was NOT a deterrent to choosing him for my knee surgery! He is worth the traffic and the drive across Dallas !!!! Please consider him if you find yourself needing orthopedic surgery. He is the BEST.

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Kathryn M., Google

Dr. Estrera is hands down the best Orthopedist I have ever been to. He is extremely down to earth and very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He tells you what’s going on with your issue then listens to what you have to say. I had major knee pain for 5 months straight. The day I walked into his office I was a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. When I walked out, I had no pain what so ever! He’s my ortho for life!

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Walter P., Google

I am a 67 year old woman. From realizing I had no cartilege to walking normally, 7 weeks! The food and service of the hospital were amazing! No complications, except he forgot it was 6 weeks after and told me I needed a cane! When I demonstrated walking and turning, he agreed, I was ok without!

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Susan D., Google

Doctor Ken Estrera was simply the best . I have had 3 prior knee surgeries this by far was the hardiest to do , I feel great I was riding a stationary bike at 4 weeks , now 6 weeks totally off all meds. I highly recommend Dr Estrera.

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Mark C., Google

GREAT EXPERIENCE! Dr. Estrera and his team out of their way to make sure to deliver the best care. I would not trust anyone else with my father's care. Communication is priority and our entire family were involved with the process which I believe contributed to his excellent outcome with his knee replacement surgery.

Fivestar Rating
Rosa B., Google

I am now a little over four weeks from my surgery and into my 2nd week of outpatient PT. I can say with certainty that Dr. Estrera is truly gifted at knee replacement surgery. I was off pain meds after two and a half weeks and driving again by end of 3 1/2 weeks. I am able to walk cane free now. Dr. Estrera and his team are truly awesome at what they do.

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Preston D., Google

Dr Kenneth Estrera made sure I was informed about everything I could experience or expect about my hip replacement. Dr Estrera and entire staff made me feel very comfortable, before , during and after the surgery. I should have done the hip replacement earlier!

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Edith J., Google

Dr. Kenneth Estrera is a very gifted orthopedic surgeon. My wife and I have both followed him from UTSW having been his patients for four years there. We have had total knee replacements with great success. He is very compassionate and caring, encompassing all your health needs to make you comfortable. His office has their own physical therapy group which are very professional and caring therapists, with top of the line equipment. Needless to say, we love him and highly recommend him.

Fivestar Rating
John D., Google

The personal touch was unbelievable! I traveled 500 miles to ensure I received the best care possible! Dr. Estrera and his staff were off the chart! I would recommend anyone that needs this level of care you only have one body!

Fivestar Rating
Jill M., Google

My sister is a patient of Dr. Estrera and she recently had surgery. I was with her through the entire process. I was impressed with her first visit with him in clinic. He spent the amount of time a patient deserves when they are trying to figure out what to do with their damaged knee that has caused so much pain. He really took the time to explain the X rays and plan. I was then impressed with the class that he taught himself and the entire team that he involved. The surgery could not have gone better. She was walking a few hours after surgery and went home the next day. She could not have done any better and this has changed her life. I am thankful that I have my sister back.

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Anita C., Google

Dr. Estrera has taken care of both of my parents. He did hip surgery for my father and he has taken care of my mother's knees. He is very caring and always attentive to our needs. He does not rush to surgery, but will do the best job if surgery is needed. We are very lucky to have him as our doctor and can only give the highest recommendation for him as a surgeon.

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Brooke C., Google

Scott Shifflett

I highly recommend Dr. Estrera! He's a a smart, considerate & thorough doc with a calm demeanor and great communication skills. My left hip surgery and rehab has been far better than I could have imagined. I'm very pleased with my results!

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Scott S., Google

My experience with Dr. Estrera and his Staff was the most positive experience I have ever had with any medical procedure. Dr. Estrera was personable, knowledgeable, and involved in every process during my hip replacement surgery and recovery. I have never had any Doctor that was so one on one with his patient and really listened to my concerns and needs. He did a remarkable job and I plan to be bicycling for many years to come! Many thanks to Dr. Estrera and his Staff!

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Dana N., Google

I spent many months looking for a surgeon to do my total knee replacement after several of my friends did not have a good outcome with their surgery. I heard about Dr. Estrera from a friend and after reading his impeccable credentials, I made an appointment to see him. He took the time to explain fully what was involved in this kind of surgery. His medical assistance also spent time with me explaining all the procedures that needed to be followed. I was so impressed with everyone in his office that I set a date on that day for my surgery. After surgery, my follow-up care was excellent. Dr. Estrera visited me in the rehab facility that I had chosen to make sure everything was going well. He checks in with me often to make sure I’m doing OK and making good progress. I highly recommend Dr. Estrera if you’re thinking about knee replacement surgery. I can’t say enough good things about him.

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Lynn H., Google

As an RN I’m pretty picky about physicians. Dr ESTRERA put me at ease immediately, and impressed me with his knowledge, patience, and caring personality. I have seen 3 docs.but have chosen Dr Estrera to replace my hip. I was most impressed at his listening skills and how he tailors his procedures according to each individual patient. I’m so thankful I found him!

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Cassandra C., Google

Dr. E replaced my knee a while back and now I'm back to work. I rarely think about my knee any more. Recommend him if you need a joint replacement.

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Scott M., Google

Dr Estrera and his team are the best in everything they do. If you expect professionalism, perfection, honesty, compassion, willingness to go the extra steps to meet these demands, go no farther. Dr Estrera is without a doubt the best, most qualified orthopedic surgeon that truly cares for his patients outcome. My knees were absolutely toast, barely walking and today both are straight. Thank God for people like Kenneth Estrera, I have my life back again.

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D.G., Google

Dr. Estrera is a caring, professional, and experienced surgeon that treated me with compassion and care. He is thorough and answers all questions and concerns, while his staff runs the office with promptness. Office is clean, well-organized, and peaceful - you are not treated like a case, but rather, a person. Both I and my children are so grateful for his surgical expertise. Dr. Estrera is truly in a league of his own. When I leave his office, I am at peace knowing that I have received optimal care. Thank you, Dr. Estrera and staff.

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Pat H., Google

Dr. Estrera gets my highest recommendation. He replaced my hip and I was home in a day and back to work a few weeks later. I went to several docs before seeing him and he was the only one who took the time to answer my questions. I felt very confident in him throughout the whole process.

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Peter E., Google

Dr. Estrera performed a THR for me two years ago. When he changed locations, so did I! His knowledge, expertise, and patient care are beyond amazing. Patients are not cattle and each visit provides the time and resources to have every issue thoroughly examined and discussed. Re: TMI, the facility is fantastic. Administrative staff, medical assistants, and x-ray techicians all have great attitudes and are friendly. They really enjoy their work and strive to ensure patient needs are addressed. As rehabilitation experts and physical therapists share the location, all needs from initial exam to post-surgical/post-treatment care can be handled on-site by caregivers who are able to communicate immediately with each other to plan the best courses of action for their patients. TMI, Dr. Estrera, and the staff are my go-to orthopedic experts. Highly recommend!

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Pam S., Google

Dr. Estrera was very kind and took special care of my mother who had a difficult time. She has done very well from the surgery and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for her. She is over a year from surgery and she enjoys life.

Fivestar Rating
Elena M., Google

I was impressed with Dr. Estrera. He did my sister surgery and I was with her for the recovery. More involved with her care than I have seen with any other doctor. He took time even with me to get me involved with her after care.

Fivestar Rating
Theresa R., Google

He is an excellent surgeon. Dr. Estrera actually spent time with me in the clinic. Very profession and highly recommend.

Fivestar Rating
Darren C., Google

Back to playing golf after my knee surgery. I trust him as my surgeon. Very good bedside manner.

Fivestar Rating
Jim T., Google

Great surgeon! I had AVN of the femur head. I had surgery years ago that did not work. I saw several other surgeons in the area that said they could not do my surgery. I had surgery with Dr. Estrera and could not be any happier with how things turned out. I was very nervous, but he really took he time to make sure I was ready. Thank you.

Fivestar Rating
Mary T., Google

I recommend Dr. Estrera. He takes excellent care of his patients.

Fivestar Rating
Josie B., Google

Dr Estera is an excellent Doctor.

Fivestar Rating
Betty J., Google

Dr. Estrera replaced my knee last year and it has changed my life. I could barely walk before surgery and now I can do everything.

Fivestar Rating
Susan B., Google

He's an excellent surgeon, I had arthoplasty in my hip. It went well!!

Fivestar Rating
Ivonne G., Google

Dr. Kenneth Estrera is one of the best orthopedic doctors and joint replacement specialist surgeons in the country. We are fortunate to have him available to us in the DFW Metroplex and North Texas area. I have now had two total knee replacements done by him and could not be happier with the outcome.

Fivestar Rating
Carla M., Google

Dr. Estrera took the time to walk me through exactly how my hip would be replaced and answered my questions. He checked on me often and provided an easy method to contact him 24/7 if I had an issue. He did a great job. I highly recommend him!

Fivestar Rating
James M., Google

Dr Estrera did my knee replacement in April. I’ve had a great experience with my total recovery. Dr Estrera is very caring in all areas with his patients. I would highly recommend him! Great surgeon!

Fivestar Rating
Denise W., Google

Dr Kenneth Estrera is a most gracious and most excellent orthopedic surgeon. He replaced my left hip in March 2018 with great care presurgery, in surgery, and post surgery. I highly recommend Dr Estrera.

Fivestar Rating
Wanda N., Google

Dr. Estrera did the total knee replacement on my right knee in October 2017 as a UTSW physician and did such a fantastic job, I wanted to make sure he did the left one as well. So, April 2018; I followed him to his new practice in Frisco and he did another fantastic job. I am glad that he didn't move to New Jersey. :)

Fivestar Rating
Dee C., Google

Dr. Estrera has completed surgery on both my right & left knees. His expertise has allowed me to be very comfortable doing all the things I was doing before I had the knee replacements. He is very professional and a skilled surgeon.

Fivestar Rating
Rita C., Healthgrades

very happy with all phases and pleased with knee replacement.

This 70 year old golfer wanted to continue to play, and also climb stairs, travel and walk comfortably. Dr. Estrera has totally replaced both of my knees and I can say I am able to do all of he above. The experience was very good, I felt safe and the recovery was easier than I anticipated. I fully recommend Dr. Estrera.

Fivestar Rating
Dana B., Healthgrades

Dr Kenneth Estrera is a magnificent human being as well as a top orthopedic surgeon! He was so gracious pre and post surgery. As well as expert during surgery. My left hip replacement was done in March 2018. I am able to walk with no difficulty.

Fivestar Rating
Wanda B., Healthgrades

Dr. Estrera is an amazing doctor and human being. He has consistently been most profession and encouraging. He calls the matters as they are and does not play games concerning the actual medical condition and the options if not treated. I am truly blessed to have him as my doctor. I followed him from his previous position at a hospital where all the rest of my doctors practice. With how he handled my complete hip replacement, I have already recommended him to several of my friends.

Fivestar Rating
Tommye P., Healthgrades

I have has both knees replacements done in the last 8 months and could not offer a higher recommendation than Dr. Estrera. I am still in Physical Therapy for the second knee replacement and tell everyone who ask about him and his care.

Fivestar Rating
Dee C., Healthgrades

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Estrera to anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon. In addition to being an excellent surgeon he is a good listener and generous with his time. I never feel rushed when I have a appointment with him. Simply put, he's the best!

Fivestar Rating
Sharon B., Healthgrades

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